Sunday, October 8, 2017

Taree Show 2017

Im so excited!
I entered 6 items in the show and won 4 first prizes,
a second prize and most successful exhibitor!
I didn't think i'd win with the baby jackets,
as one of the judges last year commented babies
should be dressed in white.
First prize for Yvettes garter stitch sweater
in pink baby design by ice yarn,
jacket and blanket in blue white camel
dancing baby ice yarn, a 10 petal flower blanket in apricot
(which I designed using an app on my phone,
I will post more about that another time)
and second prize for another square and ripple blanket
in Cronulla Sharks colours of blue black and white.
this version was blue white blue black, last blanket
i made was white blue white black.
The last blanket was a simple V stitch, both ends
had a different colour for each row and I used a
discontinued carnival yarn fair isle in green
3 first prizes with ice yarn, my favourite yarn.

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  1. Your work is just beautiful and definitely has the wow factor. Congratulations.