Saturday, June 3, 2017

Rainbow galaxy

We've arrived back home and I've been reunited
with my yarn stash that I left behind.
I decided to make another Frank O'Randle
Mini galaxy of change blanket in
rainbow colours using yarn from my stash.
This time I reversed the colours, starting
with red in the centre out to a purple border.
It's nice but I prefer the first purple centre
blanket I made last August

Monday, May 1, 2017

Wingham Show 2017

before I undid the border
I haven't done much crochet or knitting for a few months
as we were in Queensland and Northern Territory
and it was very very hot and humid.
I was planning to post after the Wingham Show
but due to a large rainfall it was cancelled.
Recently I ordered an Ice Yarn I haven't tried before
Favourite Magic # 46970
in green turquoise grey orange yellow shades
4 balls made 3 lap rugs.
It is a soft yarn similar to Magic Light
with a slight sheen to it and it's very nice to work with
For the first blanket I used a pattern based on the Blue Star
I decided to pull the yarn from the middle
and just keep going to see how the colour changes worked
The second border version
After I did 9 rounds of granny stitch on the outside border
I decided I didn't like the look so I frogged it
Luckily I remembered to take a photo first
and used a rust colour to do mosaic stitch
which is basically granny stitch alternated
with a row of chain and sc
The 2nd blanket I used rust for the star border
 and  every 2nd row of the granny stitch border
The 3rd is my favourite, it's the same as the 2nd
but with peacock green used instead of rust

rust alternated granny border
my favourite version

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

more dancing baby crochet

We have been travelling through the red centre and while I had little or no phone coverage
I made a cute little crochet jacket in ice yarn dancing baby #24560
Blue camel and white shades using baby boy cardi pattern,
it has star stitch which I haven't done before

With the remaining last ball, I decided to make another miniGalaxy by Frank O'Randle by adding matching scraps from my stash.
I think I spent more time working out the colours than it took to make!
I used scraps of:
White for rounds 1-4, 27 & 28, 34 & 35
Beige for rounds 5 to 7, 36 to 38
Brown for round 8 & 39
Light blue for rounds 9 to 12 & 29
Med blue for rounds 13 to 15, 30 to 32
Dark blue for rounds 16 & 17 & 33
& 1 ball of Dancing baby for rounds 18 to 26

In my last Post I posted 2 mini galaxy of change blankets, I really enjoy making this pattern
 and I have already started another rainbow blanket with red in the centre this time.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Crochet and travelling

In mid May we packed our household up and hit the road to travel Australia again.
We are now North of the Tropic of Capricorn in Queensland
We are escaping the Southern winter and have been enjoying
the lovely warm days that are 10-15 deg warmer than NSW.
We've just visited Bowen where the big mango is and
also where Baz Luhrmann shot the movie Australia.
My crocheting has slowed down as there is more humidity here.
I'm hoping I can overcome that by switching to making squares
rather than crocheting with a growing blanket on my lap.
The last few months I've been enjoying making blankets by
Designer Frank O'Randle and using my ice yarn.
I've made a pink and white set using magic light ice yarn shade #22021
The blanket is Rings of change by Frank O'Randle
I've Stretched it further by adding matching white and dark pink yarn.
The jacket is another magic sweater with a matching crochet beanie.
This set was given to the charity "knitting for northern rivers needy" in Coraki NSW

I decided To try another Frank O'Randle pattern called mini galaxy of change,
I had to learn new stitches, thank goodness for YouTube.
It's become my new favourite, the first I made was with Ice Yarn Dancing Baby
In white camel and blue, shade # 24560 with a 4.5mm hook, the 1st ball ran out 3/4 around round 22
And the 2nd ball finished at end of round 31,
then I used complementary shades from white to dark blue to finish.
This was also gifted to the knit 4 northern rivers needy charity

Next I made another using rainbow colours which I think looks very effective

Monday, May 2, 2016

crochet for Little Wonder Charity

I have been working on more items for Little Wonder
at RPA hospital here in Sydney, Australia.
I enjoy making smaller blankets & experimenting
with patterns and colours and they ask for 55cm blankets.
I really like the Denna Square by Polly Plum
and made a few with that pattern
I must admit this is not a very good photo,
I was balancing it on my knees and trying to take a photo
as my friend Di was driving over Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Another pattern I enjoyed making is from Mypicot
again made for Little wonder and using wool from my stash.

Again using yarn from my stash, this is 2 patterns together
the centre is 10 petal afghan square by Joyce Lewis
and then round ripple in purple scraps.
It looks very effective, the photo doesn't do it justice

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Winning blankets from the Wingham Show

I recently spoke about my Sophies Garden blanket 
I made it as a sample for a colour and design workshop
I held at the 2015 K4C Confab in Adelaide, South Australia.
I entered it into the Wingham NSW show and it won
first prize in the baby shawl section plus the
Stewards Award and Best piece in section.
To say I was absolutely thrilled is an understatement.

I also entered my Persian Tile blanket and it won first prize in the crochet blanket section.
They gave some lovely feedback, one thing they said
was that the wrong side was just as lovely as the front and they were impressed with how neat my ends were.
So it does pay to spend extra time on them (in my opinion)
I actually hate weaving in ends and I got eczema from the
amount of time I spent weaving them in.
 Each hexagon took half an hour to weave the ends in.
I just read this on the Persian tile facebook page
"there are 1022 ends to sew in for the whole blanket, 672 in the octagons."
Plus there would be more when sewing them together
(which is how i prefer to join) and the borders
But i think it is totally worth it.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Charity Crochet Blankets for Premmies

I've been enjoying making 50cm to 60cm blankets for charity
I decided to try a new pattern I've had my eye on for a while

I enjoyed making the Denna Square by Polly Plum
I used 8ply and 4mm hook, then i grew it to 50cm
by adding rows of purple from light to dark to light
 then rows of blue shaded from dark to light to dark.
It looks quite effective, the pic really doesn't do it justice

Then  came a cute purple heart blanket, pattern details
can be found in my February Block of the month post
Both of these were donated to
Ronald McDonald house in Canberra

I also finished the square below based on
the Blue Star by Kathy Blakely.
It was a UFO of my mothers, it just needed the last row on the star crocheted, then sewing together
and a border added, so it was a quick project. This is for Little Wonder at RPA hospital in Sydney