Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I'm back & my winning blanket

I've been away for awhile, quite a while in fact.
It all started when I was made redundant November 2013, almost 3 years after my first redundancy.
 I applied for dozens of jobs and wasn't able to find another job.
Not even the ones that called asking me to apply and interview after being recommended.
So we decided to do something on our wish list and we packed up our house and traveled around Australia in a camper trailer. We left July 2014 and moved back in 5 weeks ago.
We had such a great time, lots of learning as we went and making adjustments too.
I had a backpack of clothes for winter and another for summer, a pair of thongs
 (Aussie slang for flip flops) a pair of joggers (for walking haha) and a pair of flats for going out.
I met some great people and celebrated my 50th Birthday in Northern Territory, just hubby and I.
It was so hard deciding what to take craft wise, but I managed to smuggle a bag of wool inside
with a few hooks, needles and patterns too.
One of the items I made while travelling won second prize at the Wingham (NSW) show
I was making it for the charity K4C but I'm having trouble parting with it, I love rainbows.
It is a round ripple pattern, made with whatever yarn I had on hand or what I could
purchase along the way.
I've been quite productive in the last few months, so I'm sure I be will updating soon.
 Here is a picture of the blanket. Hope you like it.

And here is our home away from home!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

My star blankets

I have been busy as ever making lots of  crochet blankets.
However I've been keeping them under wraps as I wanted
To surprise my knit 4 charity friends at our confab
We spent a great weekend beginning of August at Maroochydore,
Queensland. Hubby and I incorporated it into our 12 month
Around Australia trip which we began in mid July.
The larger navy blankets were the start of my obsession
The yellow centre I will enter into next years show
The cream Centre I have donated to a charity in Northern NSW.

I made quite a few smaller ones for a group called
Little Wonder that  is through RPA hospital in Sydney.
They required 55cm blankets for the babies
I had so much fun making them, even though they are based on the same pattern,
playing with colours kept it interesting.
NOTE: This post was significantly delayed due to computer and internet issues,
it's not easy when you are travelling around Australia

Monday, June 2, 2014

First Prize

I won first prize at the country show at Wingham NSW Australia!
Most of the squares are samples from the Block of the month I did last year
This blanket just came together as it went.
The centre started as a mistake from another blanket,
it was either too big or too small, so I came up with the idea of adding
the border until it was big enough to add the squares around it.
I was asked how long it took to make and that is a very difficult question to answer.
I probably spent as much time planning as crocheting (if not more!)
It is amazing what you can make when you have no plans in mind and just see what is possible.
I must say the colours are much nicer in person.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Crochet hook preferences. Is this OCD?

I thought I would share a picture of the 2nd April Block Of The Month blanket
that was made using squares donated from K4C (knit 4 charity) members all over Australia.
While I was doing the border, it occured to me that with the colour
changes I found I was seeking out the same coloured hook.
When I looked back, I realised that I have been doing it for awhile without realising it.
I have several positioned around the place so I always have one on hand
and I do pick the one that is closest.
I'm really NOT THAT OCD, that I will keep searching until I find the same coloured hook!
But if they are all together, my brain automatically chooses the same colour.
I really like these hooks, they are all Clover brand, just in different colours.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Square and Ripple Blankets

I thought I would share some blankets I made for my local Nursing Home.
I worked on them while spending some time keeping a friend company
while she was in hospital having tests done.
I'm happy with them and enjoyed making them, it made a change from making squares
and joining them. I even had a staff member ask me where I got the pattern.
I got the inspiration from a scottish lady who donated one to SIBOL
The pattern is called Square and Ripple and can be found on Ravelry.
This is the first one, made from wool in my stash. I found the fill in rounds a bit fiddly to get right.
This is the second one, made in pastels, all from my stash except the pale green.
The fill in rounds were easier to work out but I found I had to fudge it a bit to on the blue rounds.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Block of the Month 2013 review

 Here are the whole 12 months of the Block of the Month 2013 I put together,
with links to the original posts.




Saturday, December 14, 2013

Block of the Month - December

This is the final block of the month,
It is a graph pattern by pertinitaco called graphic curly flowers

Pattern translated using AUS/UK terms (with slight changes)
Using 8 ply wool & 4mm hook

Round 1
Using yellow, chain 4 and join, ch3, 15 treble into circle, join, break wool

Round 2
using light/medium yarn, join to top of treble,
ch1, dc into same stitch, ch2, skip next tr, dc in next tr, repeat 7 times

Round 3
slip stitch into next ch2 space, ch3, 8tr, ch3, slip stitch into same loop, rpt 7 times

Round 4
working behind the petals, ch5, dc in between next petal, rpt 7 times, break yarn

Round 5
using medium/dark yarn, join to 5 ch sp, *ch3, 13tr, ch3, slip stitch into same loop,
rpt from * 7 times, break yarn

Round 6
Using green yarn, working behind petal, join to petal, *dc around petal, ch5,
repeat from * 7 times, join

Round 7
slip stitch into next space, *3tr, ch2, 3tr (cnr), 5tr in next space,
repeat from * 3 times, break yarn

Round 8
Using cream, join to corner space, *2tr, ch2, 2tr (cnr), tr between each treble (10tr)
Repeat from * 3 times, break yarn

Round 9 to 12
repeat as for round 8, using whatever combination of colours you wish!