Saturday, February 6, 2016

Charity Crochet Blankets for Premmies

I've been enjoying making 50cm to 60cm blankets for charity
I decided to try a new pattern I've had my eye on for a while

I enjoyed making the Denna Square by Polly Plum
I used 8ply and 4mm hook, then i grew it to 50cm
by adding rows of purple from light to dark to light
 then rows of blue shaded from dark to light to dark.
It looks quite effective, the pic really doesn't do it justice

Then  came a cute purple heart blanket, pattern details
can be found in my February Block of the month post
Both of these were donated to
Ronald McDonald house in Canberra

I also finished the square below based on
the Blue Star by Kathy Blakely.
It was a UFO of my mothers, it just needed the last row on the star and then sewing together
with a border added, so it was a quick project. This is for Little Wonder at RPA hospital in Sydney

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sophies Garden

Wow, I just realised its been 5 months since my last post!
I've been busy crocheting and been quite productive.
I purchased some lovely Magic Light wool from
Ice yarns in Turkey and decided to make
a few blankets using the Sophies Garden pattern.
I made 2 squares using the Grey/Blue/Purple shade
for premmie babies and I have 2 balls left,
it is such a soft acrylic yarn.
The first is a premmie blanket for  Little Wonder
at RPA hospital. I used only magic light, but when I
added a few extra rows of block stitch, to make it 55cm,
I used a matching purple yarn for the chain & sc rows.
For the 2nd square, I added several shades of purple
and a few extra rounds of trebles to make it 50cm.
This blanket will be for premmie babies at
Ronald McDonald house in Canberra.
I also made a larger blanket, this time using
Magic light in green pink blue purple yellow shade
for the centre rounds up to round 22 and
created my own design for the extra rounds.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Baby jacket in Team colours

I mentioned in my previous post the team baby blanket I made,
I've now finished another magic sweater, this one made in team colours.
Its really all just a bit of lighthearted fun for me.
It's funny, I was thinking "what if its a girl" because of the blue
and then when I found out it was a girl, I then decided to make the jacket.
I've never made items in team colours for a baby before, so it was good
to put my thinking cap on to design and make something a little bit different.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Magic Sweaters

I'm really enjoying making these little jackets with this pattern,
the only downside is that it only has one size.
I said in my previous post that I wanted to make one that will grow with the baby and fit for longer.
I was thinking with the sleeves folded up with the fronts overlapped when it's slightly too big, as in the first pic.
 So I decided to add a shell edging to the body and sleeve edges.
Its Panda Magnum soft prints. it was a lovely yarn to work with.
It took up most of the 100gm ball, not much leftover at all.
I have had a few people ask me about the pattern, there is a typo and I will explain the folding in the pattern photos.
None of this will make sense unless you have the same pattern.
photo #3 shows the jacket folded in half with the turning ends meeting in the middle. photo #4 you take the turning end on the right side from the middle and spin it up and to the right. Do the same with the left side and it will look like photo #5. Now take the blue section at the top and fold it down to the blue strip at the bottom for photo #6. You will have from left to right, pink which is the starting chain, 2 folded sections followed by another pink starting chain section with starting chain edge behind your work, the short sides at the left and right are the turning edges.
Now for the Typo, on page 2, Top of Back,
the pattern says:
Round 1. Ch2, dc in each chain across 9 including chain with 8 dc together)
it should read:
Ch2, dc in each chain across (including chain with 8 dc together)
hope this helps those who have had trouble

Friday, July 10, 2015

Magic Light Ice Yarn & Magic Sweater

I've been enjoying crocheting with the Magic Light by Ice yarn from Turkey, I have powered through three balls and started on the fourth (and last!) ball. I'm finding it interesting seeing how it looks using different patterns. A friend recently showed me a baby jacket pattern and one she had finished, it was so lovely that I purchased the pattern too. The pattern is called Magic Sweater by Tessie S, here is the link for ravelry and I believe its on Craftsy too. No kickbacks for me, I'm just a happy customer and people are interested in the pattern. I've made two of them so far, the top picture shows the first one
I made using just the Magic Light yarn #22034 and the second picture shows alternating rows of Magic Light with a solid pink yarn and I added a little crochet flower clasp. Magic light is a self striping yarn, I didn't want the yellow on the front so I cut it when it came to that colour and used them around the edging. It's a quick and easy pattern and I really enjoyed making it. I was making them for this months Knit 4 charity recipients and I have received a few requests from friends with babies to make them some. So for US$3 it really is good value for a lovely pattern, I'd love to have a few sizes, but I'm hoping it will fit them as they grow. I'm planning to make another one with cuffs that can be worn folded back then unfolded when they are older.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Square and Ripple Team Colours

I have made this pattern twice before, see my earlier post here
When I caught up with a friend after I got back from our trip,
I offered to make a baby blanket for his first Grandchild
which is due in September.
He suggested NRL (Rugby League) Cronulla Sharks team colours.
So the colours are pale/sky blue, black and white, although I live in the Cronulla/Sutherland territory, I barrack for St George, go the red and white.

I had trouble getting my head around making a baby blanket with BLACK.
Luckily my friend Di gave me the encouragement I needed and I got there in the end.
When I asked "what if it's a girl?" she replied "it will just have to like football!"
It took me quite a long time to choose which pattern to use, I wanted something special.
I must admit I wasn't feeling much love for this blanket until I did the last black round and it started to all come together.
I changed the pattern slightly by using a small white square in the centre of the filling in rows.
I left the first one in black as a feature, then I wanted them to blend into the background more on the
following rows.The pattern is called square and ripple and can be found here on  ravelry
Here are some progress shots.
Not too sure yet

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Magic Light Ice Yarn

I recently discovered the Ice yarn from Turkey and couldn't resist trying it.
I purchased a packet (it's sold in packs of 4 x 100gm balls)
of their magic light which is a self striping 8 ply (DK or double knit) yarn,
in the green, pink, blue, purple, yellow colour way #22034
I must say I love it, It's the softest acrylic yarn I've come across.
It reminds me of  an acrylic / nylon mix baby wool.
I've just finished my first project using this yarn, another round ripple.
I used 2 balls of the magic light and then decided to add 5 bands in solid colours.
I made the decorative border based on border # 21 fromEdie Eckmans' book
"around the corner crochet borders'  I just used dc (Aus/Uk) sc for US.
instead of the chains in between each motif.
It's a great book and she has 150 different borders to choose from.
I couldn't decide whether to do just one motif on the corner or 2 either side as well,
so I alternated them. Now looking at it, I think I like it better with the 3.
The centre is from the Simple 10 petal afghan square pattern by Joyce Lewis
It was an orphan left over from another project.
I'm so happy with it, it's so pretty and I managed to combine 2 of my favourite patterns.
I'm looking forward to ordering more of this yarn in the future.
I have already started a few projects with this yarn and I'm onto my last ball already.
I have a few more projects floating around in my head and I can't wait.
I'm having trouble choosing which yarn I want the most.
 I could easily order up big, I have the space now, but no job to pay for it. Haha
Oh well I think I only have about 12 weeks until my birthday
PS There are Absolutely NO kickbacks, no yarn changing hands etc wish I did though.
Now to show you some pictures  (sorry it's unblocked) & the colours are much nicer in real life.