Friday, September 22, 2017

Baby design jackets

I ordered some lovely ice yarn called baby design
awhile ago to take with me while we travelled.
It looks like flowers when knitted up, so it is
best knitted, as it loses the effect when crocheted.
While I was travelling around I decided to experiment
using several patterns to see the different effects.
 The first pattern is called Boronia by Aussie Maria,
it's my first top down pattern I've used and it was quick and easy

The next I made is a paid pattern #1929
designed for snuggly baby crofter DK yarn and
I used a matching pink yarn for the sleeves and yoke.

baby crofter DK pattern #1929

Then I made a few jackets using
Yvettes garter stitch baby sweater.
The first i made using 4mm needles, the I made another
using 4.5 mm needles and as the width of the back
was 27cm and the sleeve length was 14cm,
I added an extra 10 rows to the sleeves.
We tried this one on a 1 year old and it fitted fine,
although it was a bit short, like a shrug or bolero,
(which would be due to the fact I'm using different
Needles and yarn to the pattern!)
Another couple of inches would be perfect,
but I'm not sure how to add length to it.
I prefer the 4.5mm version to the 4mm.
I basically used garter stitch for the solid colour
and stocking stitch for the flower section, except for the back section.
For the sleeves I started from where the yarn changed from mid pink to darker pink.
4mm back
The next I made another jacket using 2 sections of the flowers joined together. Hope you enjoy the pics.
4mm front
4.5mm front
4.5mm back

4.5 mm sleeve & back before adding extra rows
4.5mm sleeve
double flower section back

double flower section front


  1. They all look fabulous Jane. Beautiful work. X

  2. Lovely job - I'll try and nut out how to lengthen it for you. love Yvette xxx