Friday, July 10, 2015

Magic Light Ice Yarn & Magic Sweater

I've been enjoying crocheting with the Magic Light by Ice yarn from Turkey, I have powered through three balls and started on the fourth (and last!) ball. I'm finding it interesting seeing how it looks using different patterns. A friend recently showed me a baby jacket pattern and one she had finished, it was so lovely that I purchased the pattern too. The pattern is called Magic Sweater by Tessie S, here is the link for ravelry and I believe its on Craftsy too. No kickbacks for me, I'm just a happy customer and people are interested in the pattern. I've made two of them so far, the top picture shows the first one
I made using just the Magic Light yarn #22034 and the second picture shows alternating rows of Magic Light with a solid pink yarn and I added a little crochet flower clasp. Magic light is a self striping yarn, I didn't want the yellow on the front so I cut it when it came to that colour and used them around the edging. It's a quick and easy pattern and I really enjoyed making it. I was making them for this months Knit 4 charity recipients and I have received a few requests from friends with babies to make them some. So for US$3 it really is good value for a lovely pattern, I'd love to have a few sizes, but I'm hoping it will fit them as they grow. I'm planning to make another one with cuffs that can be worn folded back then unfolded when they are older.


  1. Good morning. I too have purchased the magic sweater pattern, however I am stuck and can't seem to get past diagram 3. My problem is trying to fold like diagram 4. It is driving me crazy as I would like to make several of these. Can you help. Can't seem to get help from pattern designer.

  2. have a look at this post, ive explained it there for you, cheers