Thursday, July 9, 2015

Square and Ripple Team Colours

I have made this pattern twice before, see my earlier post here
When I caught up with a friend after I got back from our trip,
I offered to make a baby blanket for his first Grandchild
which is due in September.
He suggested NRL (Rugby League) Cronulla Sharks team colours.
So the colours are pale/sky blue, black and white, although I live in the Cronulla/Sutherland territory, I barrack for St George, go the red and white.

I had trouble getting my head around making a baby blanket with BLACK.
Luckily my friend Di gave me the encouragement I needed and I got there in the end.
When I asked "what if it's a girl?" she replied "it will just have to like football!"
It took me quite a long time to choose which pattern to use, I wanted something special.
I must admit I wasn't feeling much love for this blanket until I did the last black round and it started to all come together.
I changed the pattern slightly by using a small white square in the centre of the filling in rows.
I left the first one in black as a feature, then I wanted them to blend into the background more on the
following rows.The pattern is called square and ripple and can be found here on  ravelry
Here are some progress shots.
Not too sure yet

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