Sunday, August 19, 2012

Olympic Crochet

I am still working on the
16 days of Summer blanket.
I didn't get to see much of the
Olympics due to time zone difference
& my being too tired. We did watch
the cycling at 1am one morning.
The 1st photo shows some squares
I reworked. The top row are the
first version that I made & then
row 2 is the reworked version.
The top left square was too big & had
too much cream, the next I felt that
starting & ending the border with pale
mauve made it look a bit bland, I felt
the dark purple might frame it better.
The last square I made using
variegated wool & I wasn't quite
happy with it. The next photo shows
a pattern I haven't made before,
but I'm really happy with it.
It was hard to decide which colour to
use as the background, I wasn't sure
whether to use cream, dark purple or
green, I am happy with my final choice.
I still have some other squares that I
want to try, I will continue making
squares & will make a decision
which ones will go into the final blanket.
The "leftover" squares won't go to
waste, they will go into my next project!
And yes, there is a LOT of PURPLE in this blanket!


  1. All your squares are very pretty. I'm beginning to think that purple is the 'new pink'. xoxox

  2. Very pretty squares - love all the purples. :)

  3. You have been busy. Love Purple :)