Saturday, August 4, 2012

Olympic crochet

I found this old photo of a blanket I made
during the 2008 Olympics.
As you can see, my cat loves having
his photo taken, he also loves crochet,
isn't that great!
I am currently working on my
"16 days of Summer blanket".
I named it this as the Olympics are
held over 16 days of competition.
The Olympics Committee are so
precious over the copyright that
I chose not to refer directly to it.
They gave Ravelry a cease and desist
order over the Ravelympics,
they even managed to upset people
with their apology, details here.
I have just finished making a
square that I have been looking
at for a while, I thought it looked
quite difficult. It was actually quite
easy, mainly trebles and the corners
are chains, later they are looped
through each other on the last row
and voila. This photo shows the chains
in the top left corner and the other
3 corners are looped. It pays to
actually read a pattern before
forming an opinion! I like that it
is so easy, after the first few rows
I didn't require the pattern & it
looks so effective. I used one of
my new crochet hooks for this.
It is the lightest one at 7gms & is
the double ended Raku Raku
Hamanaka yellow Clover hook.
 Dorothy from Hooks 'n' Grannies
told me she uses a pencil grip while
crocheting, I'm not sure what my
grip would be described as!


  1. Hi Jane .. I'd say yours is the pencil grip too. Is that the Jacob's ladder technique you have in the square? I've seen some lovely blankets and scarves made with JL stitch and it looks great. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. xoxox

  2. I cannot believe how very, very stupid this world can be. That the Olympics Committee would think that knitting denigrates the dedicated work of Olympic athletes is absolutely laughable. Just plain crazy! My crochet grip is different than what I've seen other's use. I don't hold it the way you are. My thumb is actually down when I crochet. Best wishes, Tammy

  3. Your blanket looks very nice - and I like that square too. Have a good day. :)

  4. The pattern didn't have a name, but I have been told it is Jacobs ladder Dorothy