Saturday, July 21, 2012

Blanket Design

I am so happy with the blanket I've just finished, it looks like it was planned from the start. 
I find that a lot of my blankets evolve & change so much during construction.
I thought I would show how this one started & the end result. It started when my mother 
casually asked if I had a finished blanket she could have. I rarely hold onto my finished
blankets, I don't always have someone in mind when i start, but I find often that as it draws
to completion, someone is either in need of a pick me up, birthday or I receive a request
The photo above is what I started with, 8 stained glass butterfly sqs, 2 Re-Joyce-ing sqs
which were leftover from older projects & also 2  3D flowers I've been playing with.
These 2 photos above show where I am deciding the development.
Do I go checkerboard? Do I add new patterns? You can see I'm looking at the placement 
of the red squares, in the photo on the right I'm contemplating making another 3 squares
using Debi's Wiggle squares and placing them in the empty spots.

 In these you can see that I'm contemplating the wiggle square in the centre and I'm
thinking about the 3D flower squares around it or 4 of the Re-Joyce-ing squares.

The photos above show that I've chosen to use 4 wiggle squares & I'm just looking at
the placement of the red squares. Taking photos is a great help in designing & especially
helpful if they get jumbled by the cat/dog or DH/DK's. I also remember someone once
saying they used a door peep to look at their work to get a different perspective.

Ta Da..... here is the final blanket completed with scalloped edging. 
I'm really happy with the finished result.
Like I said, it looks like it was planned that way.
Now I'm planning my "16 days of summer blanket"
ready for the Olympics just around the corner.
Does anyone else have plans for Olympic crafting?