Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wool Purchase Excuses

I had a comment from Dorothy on my 
Baby Beanie post about the cost of the 
Sirdar Baby Crofter wool. I totally agree
with her, it took  me about an hour to 
finally take the plunge and part with my 
money. I could have bought 4 balls of 
ordinary acrylic for the same price!
I have a good friend who says to me
 "don't feel guilty for spending money
on yourself" she tells me I work hard 
for my money & whats the point if I 
can't enjoy it. 
Here are some of the reasons 
I thought of why I should "afford" it.
I have allergies and can't use a lot of makeup $$$
I stopped dying my hair in 2006 $$
The last time we ate out was April for Hubbies birthday $$$
I walk 2.5 km and catch either 2 trains or a train and a bus to get to on petrol $$$
The girls at work buy a couple of cups of coffee a day @ $4 each,
 I have bought about 3 in 10 months $$
I take my lunch to work, sandwiches cost about $8 where I work $$$$
we also save on electricity by using washing machine after 10pm & using oven mainly on weekends 
I have also lost 16kg (35lb or 2.5 st) and no longer take Blood Pressure  medication, they say you should have little rewards along the way when you reach weight loss milestones. 
I really  enjoyed knitting with this wool, it is so soft and I really don't feel guilty, so much so that I went back and bought some more! It took less than an hour the second time, but I still lingered!  
Some great news is that the sales team at my work were given gift vouchers by our manager to give to people who help their business and they all put their heads together and gave them to the office staff. I ended up with $90 worth. So I have decided to spend some on me, I have bought 4 crochet hooks off the internet and I will be comparing them and will post soon. 
PS I don't have any affiliations, no brown paper bags or kickbacks from the Sirdar company, I just love this wool. Do you have any excuses you tell yourself when you purchase wool and you only have about another 100 balls at home?


  1. I'd say you well and truly deserve to buy whatever yarn you like even if it seems expensive. My 'splurge' last year was a Kaffe Fassett skein in blues/indigoes/teals @ $35 for 100g. I still cringe a bit but when I knitted with it, it was absolutely divine to work with.

  2. the colours sound gorgeous Maria & kaffe fassett yarn is apparently great quality, i loved the Prudence Mapstone Alpacalicious Rug Kit, it was $160, luckily for me it is 5 ply wool and I like 8 ply & 4mm hook