Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sydney Craft & Quilt Fair

I had a lovely day on Friday with my mum at the Sydney Craft & Quilt Fair.
We missed the Bendigo mills,
as they weren't there this year.
Last year there was also a stall
that sold fabric scarves & scarf
jewelry that I was hoping to be there.
I was also hoping to buy a new ironing
board cover  & didn't see any.
I did buy a cowl though,
from Brentwood Bears and Craft,
I've never owned one before,
I was actually after a scarf,
but it is so soft and warm.
It will be very handy when i walk to the
train station at 6-30am.
They have a website (no kickbacks or affiliations)
they had a lot of different textured scarf yarns. Frilly, pom pom, flute, poodle, snowflake, flamingo
and a very interesting one called wave, that looked like a brain pattern. Hmmm brain wave LOL.
That is on the right side of the photo.
We also bought small lights for when we are crafting in low light and I purchased some scarf jewelry.
Nothing to break the bank. I noticed that there was less bling on the quilts this year, last year quite a few of the quilts were embellished with sparkles and shiny bits.
There didn't seem to be any overwhelming theme in the quilts this year, very across the board and something for everyone. There were the quilts inspired by 1800's, Japanese, Jacobean, brights, traditional, art quilts, black and white, hand pieced, applique, needle turn, hand and machine blanket stitch, wholecloth, group quilts, mystery quilts.
I am amazed at the creative flair that some people have.
3 highlights for me: 
1) the Brentwood as already mentioned and
2) The Jenny King crochet stand was amazing, she had some lovely work. She had a lovely vest that crossed over at the back, which I can't see on her website or ravelry.
3) I also liked the Prudence Mapstone stand, she had a lovely blanket made with 5ply Frog Tree fair trade alpaca wool. you can see it at ravelry or here, not her usual (freeform) work that she is known for, the kit was $160AUD but lovely, soft and very pretty.


  1. Just wanted to stop by and say hello. I may not comment but enjoy your posts. Stay cool!