Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Crochet Hooks

Look what arrived in the post!
1 is from Victoria, Australia,
1 from Hong Kong and the other
is from Birmingham in UK.
I have more to arrive and I'm
looking forward to testing them.
I also have a few people who have
put their hand up to  test and give
their opinions. Meanwhile I am
sewing together a blanket I have
been working on. I need to sew
in those pesky ends and I have
to decide how to do the border.
I have a sneak peek for you.
This square is from a pattern by
the very talented Debi at Hooks
and yarns blog. The blanket is
for a little old lady from
countryside in Northern NSW Aus.


  1. Now now Jane ... you have way too many size 4.00mm hooks - you can send the Etimo one to me if you like !! LOL Seriously, I'll be interested to hear what that particular Etimo hook is like to use. I have the gold ones and love them. My Amure hook arrived yesterday and I'm impressed. I also think KnitPro have produced a good hook albeit almost identical to the Etimo originals. Love that square too. xoxox

  2. Hmm Dorothy I might have to have a giveaway maybe, what do you think? I like the packaging of the Etimo, looks so cute and I'm sure would make a lovely gift.

  3. I love the look of your new hooks. You'll have to let us know what its like to use them.
    Your square looks amazing. I love the colours you've used.

  4. Ooh I haven't seen some of those hooks before. I bought a clover brand 'soft touch' hook this year and absolutely love it!

  5. I have just spent the evening sorting my hooks out. I don't know why but I can't use anything else apart from the usual grey ones. How you ladies make special ones using polymer clay baffles me I just can't hold them properly. Must be me! Hi how are you? X