Saturday, June 9, 2012

Baby Beanies

I have been busy making baby beanies, I have a friends cute
Grand daughter to make beanies for. They are going
to the snow in a few weeks and she asked if I could make
some with earflaps. I made the crochet ones first using the
Lil' Darlin' hat pattern. Then I found some lovely
Sirdar Baby Crofter in 8ply at the local yarn shop, the
colourway is called Tilly, pink, cream with some red
 and I knitted my first beanie in the round.
I must say this was nearly the undoing of me.
I struggled with joining after cast on. The pattern said to
use 2 circular needles. It was no help to me, I couldn't work
out how that could be achieved. I decided to rib one row
before joining and that made a huge difference.
I then decided to use 4 circulars and I still had trouble,
getting them all mixed up. I eventually
(accidentally mind you) ended up with 2 circulars
and worked out a method that worked for me.
I still had trouble in the last few rows with the stitches
slipping of the needles. I'm going to the
Sydney Craft & Quilt Fair next week, so I should
be able to find some stoppers for the ends.
I love the Baby Crofter, I went back and bought the
Nessie Colourway, lovely mauve, blue and green.
That's a china doll modelling for me.
This will be for charity and I might make a matching
jacket, I just have to find a suitable pattern for this wool.

The beanie pattern is so easy, for a 3 month old,
CO 72 sts, 8 rows rib, then stocking stitch
until it measures 12.5cm, then decrease rows are:
k7, knit 2 tog to end
k6, knit 2 tog to end
k5, knit 2 tog to end
k4, knit 2 tog to end
k3, knit 2 tog to end
k2, knit 2 tog to end
k1, knit 2 tog to end
knit 2 tog,
draw the wool through the remaining 8 stitches, fasten off.
I added the earflaps then crocheted the curly ties.

The next pattern I made was the Shadow Stripes Hat
in yellow. I chose not to make the top knot and
decided to crochet 3 little squiggly tails on top.

I have just cast on the sleeves of a baby cardigan
that I hope will be suitable for the Baby Crofter
wool, I'm using Panda Baby Lustre 8 ply in lovely pale
blue/mauve tones, I will show pics when I am finished.


  1. Your little hats are gorgeous. Looked at some sites with the Crofter yarn and the colours are lovely but wow its rather expensive. I've just mastered the magic loop way to knit and must say its easy - have you tried it? So much easier than fiddling with numerous needles. xoxox

  2. Looks like you have been busy. Love them. I will stick to easy ones on my trip. I not good with 4 needles or circular lol. might sus out the magic loop. Xox

  3. It is expensive Dorothy, I will blog about that soon. I did the magic loop with Lisa Bean last year and adjusted and made the mountain from slipper pattern
    oops a year ago, I still need to make a mate for it. I'm not sure how to use it for a beanie

  4. Hi Anne check out these videos
    hope they help