Sunday, April 8, 2012

Charity Squares

I thought it would be remiss of me not to take the opportunity of time at  Easter break  to post.
While I was in  Adelaide for the
Tour Down Under  in January, I played
with some ideas I had swirling in my
head for crochet flower squares.
One was a variation of the
 African Flower Hexagon
and the other a 3D flower.
By adding a few extra rows they were
big enough (they required 25cm)
to send  to a K4C (knit 4 charity)
Charity of the month,
which happened to be a Nursing Home.
 I like the thought it will warm someones
heart as well as their knees.
I hope you like them


  1. Both the squares are beautiful Jane. You're very clever - will you be sharing the pattern :) - I'm currently in a 7" square exchange and these would be lovely. Hope you're enjoying the Easter break and not eating too much chocolate !!

  2. Hi Dorothy, glad you like them, I am busy scribbling out the pattern, the cat has other plans! I am on a weight reduction programme so I had a Herbalife chocolate protein bar instead of an easter egg

  3. The recipient will certainly love these squares! I too belong to K4C but most of my efforts go to a local one here called Knitting for Brisbane's Needy K4BN. They are desperate for rugs of all sizes at the moment so that's keeping me busy :-)

  4. Keep up the good work Maria, there are so many who need a snuggly rug to warm them and I think it is important to help your local community

  5. can you share the pattern?

    1. Rami the African flower square is here
      the bottom right is Jean Leinhauser square #16 and the top left is the same pattern that I "tweaked"