Wednesday, January 25, 2012

On My Mind..Discontinued stripe wool

I was having trouble location my favourite wool, it is Carnival Effects stripe wool by Panda Yarns. After searching several Big W stores I sent an email and I found out just before leaving for my holiday that it had been discontinued, I was devastated. I searched the Big W stores that we "happened" to stop at along the way (1,364 km one way) and I managed to find some in Adelaide about 10 minutes from where we were staying Yippee. Unfortunately I was limited by lack of room in the car so had to be restrained in my purchasing.

 I thought i would take this opportunity to show some of the items i have made with this yarn.
after uploading the photos, i realised there were more but i donated them before photographing them.
there are at least a dozen different blankets
Please note that the pictures don't do the wool justice,  the flashing and pooling are more exaggerated in the photos.

this is the  first, 2009  i used the blue stripe wool for the mitre and striped sqs

made for my sisters 40th using the purple variegated for the centre

purple in the RH sq & each square edged and border with burgundy stripe 

a blanket I made for charity using burgundy stripe wool

charity round ripple blankets using blue/pink stripe wool

charity blanket made with competition squares, the border is green fair isle

stained glass butterfly blanket for charity using burgundy stripe for border
slipper using purple variegated wool
charity squares for breast cancer

a sampler using purple variegated wool

christmas stockings made for local nursing home looked good using the pink, burgundy, green, purple & blue

made by a friend, looks much nicer in person

made for my Great Aunty Violet who passed away this month at 89

a close up of one of the squares in her blanket

the winner of the competition square made by Nicole

these and the next 5 were made for the Crochet a Rainbow cause run by Sarah London

made with pink and burgundy

also looks better in person, using burgundy


  1. That is a lot of making. I would send an email to Panda with a link and tell them they have to bring it out again .... I have plenty in my stash!

  2. Not nice when your favorite yarn is discontinued. Have you found any alternatives?

  3. Looks like nice yarn although I have never used it and never seen it here in Tassie. Gorgeous colours and some really nice squares there.. :))

  4. Please, where are patterns for flower and butterfly squares?

  5. these patterns were designed for charity, so the pattern and blankets made from them cannot be sold.
    Having said that, you can find the butterfly pattern here
    and the flower pattern here
    hope you enjoy making them