Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sock happiness

I finished a bed sock yesterday, using the
Moutain Form Slipper pattern. I have made them once before
and they are a nice fit, but I hate DPN (double point needles)
The original pattern is from the heel down, so with Lisa's help
we converted it to a toe up, no seams, no DPN's.... YAY!
I was so HAPPY that I got to use so many of the techniques
that I learned at the K4C Confab lessons with Lisa.
I used the turkish wrap, magic loop, and Kitchener stitch.
I must admit when Lisa was demonstrating the
Kitchener stitch at confab my eyes glazed over,
but I was hoping to manage it later at home.
Alice from crochet with raymond. has been bitten by the
sock bug recently and recommended this youtube video
of kitchener stitch by theknitwitch. Although the video
recommended practising, I didn't and I managed fine.
I watched the video then sat with my kitchener stitch zen
cheat sheet from Nelkin Designs that we received at the
confab and with a little peace and quiet and no interruptions
I managed with no problems.

Now to finish another so I don't join the Single Sock Club.
I noticed that Rhonda from Down to Earth blog  posted
hints about how to knit with neat edges, casting on & shared
a link for sock tutorials by Come to Silver which looks great.

I think that I will make some more changes to the pattern  
for the next pair I make.
That is a photo of my kitchener stitch to the right.


  1. A pretty colour looks warm :)

  2. Wow! You sure do keep busy with so many different projects. My summer holiday has officially begun so I would like to get many new things done over the next 2 months. :) Best wishes, Tammy

  3. Would love to have the mods you have made. While I can 'just' handle DPN's, I don't like to use them