Saturday, June 11, 2011

Show and tell week 23

As I mentioned in my previous post I gave myself the week off  for my square a day due to
K4C travels. I still did plenty of crocheting, but more of the finishing off variety.
I finished the last of my 6 pressies the day before leaving.
I gave 2 round ripple rugs to the lovely Dorothy for
the Northside Womens Support Group in Canberra
 I finished the pink one the morning I left.
details of the pattern and my changes are here
Round Ripples

I gave 2 blankets to Kerry from  .
one was the group effort Re-Joyce-ing blanket that I finished that morning

Re-Joyce-ing blanket for BHWH
BHWH blanket
I finished and posted off a  Stained glass butterfly blanket to the K4C charity of the month
St Giles in Tasmania.
St Giles blanket
So I was still kept busy. This weeks Show and tell is 6 Stained glass butterfly squares
and the K4C Knitalong.  hope you enjoy the pics

show and tell week 23


  1. Wow! I am really impressed. They all look wonderful and I applaud you for the work you do for others. Ames :)

  2. Hi again :)

    Would you mind sharing the link for the ripple rug pattern or posting the details? A couple of us really like your work and would like to try one for ourselves.

    Thanks heaps and have a wonderful week xo Ames

  3. Thanks for asking Ames, good idea. I have edited the post to include a link to my first Round Ripple I made which has the changes I made to the pattern.

  4. Wonderful! Thanks - I will check it out now :)