Friday, June 17, 2011

On my Mind

On my mind this week is Etiquette.
Monday I was watching The Circle and  an "Expert" spoke
about  when you have an invitation for lunch/dinner and you
are told not to bring anything. She said that it was rude to
take nothing and you should take either a bottle of wine
chocolates or flowers.
My daughter moved out recently & Wednesday night she
asked if we would like to come for tea for the first time
on Thursday and not to bring anything. So I thought oh dear
what will I do? Wine? no Chocolates? no  Flowers? no
Somehow I came up with the idea of making a little
soap sack that she can put in her drawer to make her clothes all nice and smelly.
Just think, every time she opens her drawers, she will think of me!
There was a swap table at the K4C confab and the only thing that appealed to me was a ball of
Linate super mazaik,  I've never seen this wool before, but it appealed to my love of variegated wool.
I made the pattern as I went and with 5.5mm needles it only took about an hour.
I took notes so if I make another it will be lots quicker, no measuring, undoing or pattern writing.
I think it's so cute, quite organic looking. She liked it, what do you think?

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  1. A lovely idea, .. As young ppl we were taught always to take a pint of milk, cream, it just helped somehow.
    I think your idea is one we should adopt..
    Thanks for sharing :))

  2. Too cute---great idea! Unique. I agree, you should try to take something, even if they say not to. Your gift was small in size, but big in thoughtfulness and after all, made by you yourself!

  3. What a great idea. I too feel uncomfortable if I don't take something to a friend or family when invited. Once I took two branches filled with olives from my olive tree. My friend was over the moon with the gift and it looked lovely in a vase. My husband thought I was nuts.

  4. I agree, I don't like to go empty handed. Your little bag is so cute and a delightful thought.

  5. Thanks for your comments ladies, my daughter is 19, she looked and said oh it's cute, smells so nice and you made it didn't you?
    So she felt the love.
    What a great idea with the olive branches.
    It's hard because you don't want to offend people.

  6. What a lovely idea! I always take something too. I like to take a little plant rather than flowers so that it can bring joy for years to come :)