Friday, June 10, 2011

On my Mind

On my mind is online friends/buddies
Last week I attended the inaugural
K4C confab in Woolgoolga.
Around 30 of us from an online group
came from around Australia and had
a great time, lots of laughter, caring,
sharing and instant bonding.
I thought I would share some photos
of the 6 pressies I made for our swap.
I decided to make some dilly bags,
I just made the patterns as I went
and placed a mug, spoon and sugar/
coffee/tea bags inside. 
I found an explanation of dilly bag here
We were all allocated a buddy who was
unable to attend and we gave them one 
of our presents and then swapped the 
other 5 with our new friends.
Visit Rhonda Jeans blog Down to Earth
 to see what others have on their mind.

zig zag stripes



feather and fan

Vintage squares
I posted this to my buddy without the mug
group shot


  1. Great gifts Jane. Bet your new friends were thrilled with them.

  2. They look lovely. I am sure they were greatly appreciated too.