Sunday, June 5, 2011

Variegated wool stash

Our bath doesn't get used very often.
It is quite large and takes quite an
amount of water (and time) to fill it.
I have had several people allude
to the size of my variegated wool
stash, so I thought the bath would
be a great place to record my stash.
Here it is in all its glory,
all 115 balls of it.
That doesn't mean 115 different
colours, I have multiple balls of the
same colour in there.
I must admit I was a bit shocked,
so much so that I counted it 3 times!
Now I will have to see how much
I have in my plain wool stash!
As I said last week I am currently at a K4C (knit 4 charity) weekend confab
in Woolgoolga (Northern NSW) and having a great time too! I will post more about it later.
PLEASE NOTE******Since writing this post I have actually bought several more balls.
HMMM maybe I need to seek help!! But I really needed them, truly I did.


  1. I love your colourful stash! I don't see anything wrong about your collection :D I totally believe that the balls were talking to you and saying 'buy me'
    I can't wait to hear about the confab!

  2. I understand your dilemma of buying more balls of yarn when there are so many at home. I am sure that they will all get used for worthy projects though :)

  3. Whoah, that's a lot of yarn! Wonderful ;-)

  4. Thanks for your comments ladies.
    You're right Jo-anne, they do call out to me as I pass by. Ames the way I see it I am adopting them into a good home, they are often admired and are never lonely.