Sunday, April 10, 2011

What I did last weekend

 *Warning Longish post (well for me anyway) and quite a few photos (9)
Well I visited my mum, a 5 hour uneventful train trip 
(not counting the train I caught into the city to catch the country train)
The local show was on and our family got into the fun of entering exhibits.
We had good results, in the first photo you can see my mums 2nd prize 
 for floral display in the over 60 group.... (there were 2 entries)
Children can enter for free, this photo is my nephews first prize for Marigolds.

Then my brother cleaned up in the rose section.
In the photo you can see the top shelf all have first prize and the second shelf has won first prize for a bowl of roses. They are ALL his.
Next he won 2nd prize for bananas that he grew.
Then on the left we have his first prize for table pumpkins and on the right is my mums entry, she didn't win a prize for these, but I think they look great.
They just started growing from her composting efforts. We have a theory that they might not have been judged as they have no ticket on them. 
Maybe they thought they were display items?
Next my brother cleaned up in the preserve section
I'm not sure about the actual prizes, but he won for his pickled cucumbers,
mixed vegetable pickle and tomato relish. You can see in the photo that most of the preserve entries won a prize. 
 This is all part of the fun we have, when relaying our winning stories, 
we ask how many were entered.  A typical conversation may go like this...
I won first prize for my pumpkin. Oh really, how many were entered?
Oh I was the only one. 
But we have it on good authority that if it isn't up to scratch, it won't win.
 Entry is 50cents and prize money is about $1-50,
which we usually donate back to the committee. So it's cheap and fun.
These last 2 photos are just for the cute factor.
One of the sections is for kids to make vegetable characters. 
This little person won 2nd, but I thought it was soo cute, I liked it better
 than 1st prize. The chicken is a Silver Spangled Hamburg, so pretty.

P.S. I entered 2 crochet items and didn't win a prize, Oh well,  there's always next year.


  1. I think the smaller shows are more interesting, more fun, and you can actually see everything :))
    Congratulations to all who won and those who didn't, just for taking part..
    Thanks for sharing :))

  2. You're right Pat and the organisers do fret about lack of entries, so it is good that people enter knowing they will possibly be the only entry. I think the low entry fees and prizemoney works well

  3. Love these photos and your family stories about the show! They take me right back to my childhood in the country where the local show was always one of the major 'events' of the year. (I've even written a poem about my memories of country shows.) Marion K4C