Saturday, April 9, 2011

Show and Tell week 14

This is the 9th week of squares
for Sarah London and the
 "Crochet a rainbow"  cause.
One more week and I will 
have enough to fill the 
500 gram postpac.
I used Carnival Effects fair isle
in lovely shades of green.
I must say that I am looking
forward to finishing these
squares and posting them off.
It did save time by not having
to put too much thinking time
into what squares I would do
for the weeks show and tell,
therefore creating more crochet 
time. I think the moss on our driveway goes so well with these squares


  1. It is a lovely shade of green, I have been following your updates and enjoyed the work you have shown :))

  2. Thanks Pat, I'm glad you are enjoying the posts. It's always nice to have positive feedback and to know that people like how you blog

  3. I really like this image - yes the green squares match beautifully with the moss. Congratulations on making so many squares!!

  4. Thanks Ames, I know there are a lot of us that have enjoyed making these squares. It will be interesting to see the final tally.