Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Show Blanket

Here are pics of the blanket I
entered at the show I spoke
about here
It is a variation of my charity
Stained Glass Butterfly Square

After I was made redundant last
November travelled north to visit family. 5 hours by rail to my Mums,
then another 8 1/2 hour train trip
to Queensland to visit my Aunt
and sister. 
So I had a lot of spare time for my
I was away for 4 weeks
and spent my time making this.
I took it with me when I visited
the lovely ladies at the Beenleigh
Knit N Natter meeting.
They were so welcoming and I
had never met any of them, 
I "knew" a few of them via emails
and the yahoo group K4C.
When they saw it, it was in pieces.

The blanket was made with 3
long continuous strips of
 "stained glass" then the
butterfly squares were sewn
into 2 strips then joined together. 
It certainly shows my love of 
variegated wool, I used 
31different colours.

Here it is on display at the show.
They have the craft items 
displayed behind chicken wire, probably to stop people touching.


  1. 31 differernt colours,that is incredible.. well done :))

  2. What a great rug Jane. How did it go in the show?

  3. Yes Pat 31, I find it hard to walk past variegated wool. I will really have to post a photo of my stash one of these days.
    Thanks Dorothy, the rug didn't win a prize, but hopefully it may have inspired someone to pick up their hook and enter next year.