Saturday, March 5, 2011

Show and Tell week 9

Show and tell this week is more 
for Sarah London. I used Carnival
Effects Stripes in blue hues.
I had to catch a train the first 
3 days of this week, 20 minutes
there and back, so using this
wool made it much easier. 
Just one ball of wool and
no dreaded ends to weave in.
Sarah has photos of some of the
finished crochet a rainbow 
blankets on her blog. 
She has posted about them here,
I must say they look fantastic.
Do have a look, unfortunately the photo shows the blankets folded, 
hopefully we will get to see the blankets in their full glory, but she is a busy, busy lady.


  1. Your squares are great and I love the shades of blue :) Ames

  2. That yarn works perfectly for the Crochet a Rainbow squares. Must see if I have any in my stash. I've already sent a bundle of sqs to Sarah but its probably about time I did a few more. My first lot were a different colour each round so lots of ends .... it will be so much better to only have two to weave in.

  3. Thanks ladies, Ames I think the shade is actually nicer than the photo portrays. Dorothy when I start my square, I make the slip knot, then I chain with both the threads together so the tail is automatically woven in.