Saturday, February 26, 2011

Show and Tell week 8

 This week something a little bit
different, not a square and not
crocheted, but knitted fish.
Seven, one for each day of the
week and the colours of the
rainbow. These were a KAL
for K4C (knit 4 charity) to be made
into blankets for charity.
I made mine while watching tv,
so I had to concentrate
to stay on track with which row I was on,
but it was fun & I enjoyed making them.
If you are interested, google knitted tessalated fish.

Here are some URLs with
pictures of completed blankets.
ona knits
simple knits
rubber ducky
and last but not least,
a tutorial for braided crochet seaming here


  1. Wish I knew how to them!

  2. So pretty for a childs blankets.. Of course I will have to try them .. thanks for sharing :))