Thursday, March 10, 2011

Carnival stripe wool

I have had some queries about the
Carnival stripe wool that I have been
using lately. Here is a blanket I made
a few years ago, It was gifted to
a lovely lady who had been
volunteering for a few decades
at the nursing home where I worked.
She gave it to her mother who was
a resident there. I am quite proud
of how it has fared,  it  has been
washed quite a few times & has
withstood not so gentle treatment.
It started with a longing to use
the striped wool and evolved from there.
I think the mitred squares came first and the garter stitch squares came next, then the butterfly squares and last were the solid blue squares for the border. It changed quite a few times as it evolved and there was a bit of frogging along the way. I must admit it was hard to give away, I loved looking at this blanket but as she gave it to her mother I got to see it regularly.
I am happy with how it turned out and I enjoyed the process too. It was great to combine knitting and crochet in this one.

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  1. It looks lovely,the butterfly squares stand out well..beautifully crocheted :))