Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More Competition Squares

The postie has delivered
4 more squares from Nicole
who hails from Queensland.
They are all so lovely,
I see she has used my favourite
Carnival wool too.
Nicole has also come up with
some great names.
The pink square is "Floral Fantasy"
beige is "The flower garden square"
blue is "Grandma's garden flowers"
last but not least the purple square is
" Re-Joyce-ing" square.
Some truly great names there,
thank you again Nicole for entering
I hope you enjoyed making and naming your squares.
This takes the total of squares entered to 14. I have 12 here and Sue at SIBOL in UK has received 2.
 There is still time to enter, the competition will close at the end of April.
The squares will be made into a blanket and donated to charity.


  1. Re-joyce-ing how great is that.. lovely colours in the squares also ..
    have a great day :))

  2. Pat beat me .. I was going to say the same thing. Love that name !! Those squares look beautiful too.

  3. Me too.. I love the name as well!! Lovely squares.. :))