Thursday, March 24, 2011

What do you like in a blog?

After reading this post from Debi Y  and
at the post where she got the idea at Sharons blog
( I love both their banners featuring
 Round Ripple blankets by the way)
I decided to refurbish my blog.
I chose to remove my butterfly music,
even though I received no complaints ;-)
and move things around a bit.
What do you think?
Oh and what do I like in a blog?
I seem to gravitate to crochet blogs at
the moment. I like blogs that update
often and show pictures. But I'm not
overly fond of those mosaic pictures
created with photos of the same item,
not enough to dislike the blog, just my personal preference.
The frogs are a Jean Greenhowe pattern and were made for a raffle for Easter last year


  1. Jean Greenhowe has some great patterns, Made a few in the past :))
    Blogs are an expression of ones personality, and thats what makes it so interesting for me.. To see how the owner lures one into the blog and the interest in the writing of a story.
    If I don't like it I can leave :)) the choice is mine ..
    Hope you are having a crafty day ..

  2. I'm sure we each have our own preference but I think Pattas just said it beautifully! Well done! :)

  3. Hello,

    Is it possible to get the Koala Bear and Frogs pattern.

    1. They are from Jean Greenhowes knitted animals,
      my book is stored safely away at the moment
      You might be able to purchase a copy on eBay