Saturday, March 19, 2011

Show and Tell week 11

This weeks show and tell is more
"Crochet a rainbow"  squares
for Sarah London.
This is the 6th set of squares
so far, I weighed them all today
and they are about 300gm,
so another 200gm to go.
These are also made using
my favourite Carnival wool.
I just have to weave those
pesky tails in.
I hate using the wool needle
as I'm allergic to metal,
so I try to do only a little at a time,
today my hands aren't faring well, 
so I will leave it for another day.


  1. I like that yarn too for the squares (thanks for the idea of the stripe yarn) - just wish there were more colours available. Have you thought of getting a plastic yarn needle? I have one with a little ball on the tip but I think you might be able to get ordinary ones.

  2. Lovely squares and hope you are feeling better soon.

  3. I hear you Dorothy, it is a pity they don't do more colourways, the ones they have are so nice. Some variegated/colourchange wool are just plain ugly. Thanks for your kind words Ames