Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thank You

The postie delivered an envelope
this week containing 2 
pre paid 500g  parcel packs.
It was unexpected, but very much appreciated. I have no idea who 
has sent it, the only clue is a NSW
postmark, Google says as of 1st
January 2010 the NSW population 
was 7,382,284!
Like that narrows it down.
Anyway, I will use 1 for the
 "Crochet a rainbow"  squares 
organised by Sarah London.
I will have to think which charity I 
will use the other one for, then start knitting/crocheting.
It seems there is a lot of "pay it forward" happening at the moment, I must say it creates a good feeling for the giver and the receiver too. 
So a big thank you to the lovely sender. You really made my day.

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