Saturday, February 5, 2011

Show and Tell week 5

Show and tell this week is more 
 "Crochet a rainbow"  squares for 
Sarah London. DH and I went for 
drive on Sunday, so the Carnival Effects Stripes in pink made it 
much easier for car crocheting. 
These were so quick to make up, 
so I had my weekly squares done by Monday, which meant I could
be creative and try some new
patterns I've been looking at
 (tea cosies) and work on some
gifts for our K4C gtg in June, 
I am halfway, 3 down and 3 to go 
(and no they aren't tea cosies).


  1. Good evening Jane,
    OOh these squares are so pretty.
    Sarah will be getting such a lot.
    I've just finished a blanket today which has your butterfly squares in. I will be posting soon, so look out for it.
    Tommorrow or few days.
    love suex

  2. Good Evening Jane,
    I'm ready and waiting for you!
    Hugs and many thanks!

  3. Just read your post Sue, I love the new blanket