Saturday, January 29, 2011

Show and Tell week 4

This week I have made some 
"Crochet a rainbow"  squares organised by Sarah London.
 I used one of  my favourite wools,
 Carnival Effects Stripes in burgundy.
To the left you can see my lovely 
cat "Prince", who was trying to 
inject himself into the photo,
I must say, he is partial to a bit
of crochet.
I have also had fun this week knitting some tea cozies, 
photos probably next week.


  1. Hello Jane,
    Your squares are lovely .. It will be interesting to see how many Sarah ends up with..:))

  2. Thanks Pat,
    and yes I can't imagine how many she will end up with, Sarah has people from all over the world joining in. I have more to watch this space!