Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Competition squares

Mrs twins from SIBOL told me  a
while ago that she received 2 squares for the competition from Steph in the Uk. 
The burgundy square is made by 
Debbie, she has called it "Marvin",  
Steph has called her mauve square "Sleeping violet" 
Thanks ladies for entering the competition, they are both lovely squares, I love the colours
and the names. 
That makes  7 participants so far. 
I was recently visiting my mother for her birthday and showed her the squares that have entered so far and she was
"favourably impressed", (she loved them actually).
I hope you may be inspired to make a square and send it too.


  1. Lovely colours :) Jane.
    Did you crochet the doilies in the pic ??

  2. hi Pat, this was sues photo from her website, if you take a look at
    you will see these doilies featured in a lot of her photos. Cheers