Saturday, February 12, 2011

Show and Tell week 6

Show and tell this week is more "Crochet a rainbow"  squares 
for Sarah London. These are 
a bit more colourful this week 
and as you can see, my cat 
Prince was being a hand model, 
kindly pointing to the squares 
for you. I swear he can sniff 
crochet from 10 paces. 
He rushed over to see what 
I was up to, I think he's been watching too many game shows 
or late night shopping channels.

Sarah Londons blog states that they have 2 blankets made, I'm looking forward to seeing pics. 

In the meantime, I now have 3 weeks of squares 
(1 a day = 21 squares) and they weigh 150g. 
The postpac is 500g so I should be able to 
squeeze in about another 50 squares? 
only time will tell.


  1. Lovely squares, I have made another 20squares also. I am enjoying crocheting the colours :))
    Well done on the Number you have made so far :))

  2. thanks pat,
    I just checked Sarah's blog and it says 460 people participating & Granny Square Tally 904
    I will keep making them until the parcel is full
    It is fun to make something as a group effort

  3. Very colourful indeed - perfect for a rainbow collection of crochet. I posted off ours and felt very proud.

  4. Thanks Ames, I keep thinking about the big smiles when they receive their blankets

  5. Wonderful work jane!
    I'm longing to see the blankets,
    being the blanket maker I am!
    Could you let me know if you see them before I do please and where I find them.,
    Many thanks,
    hugs Suex

  6. Thanks Sue, I can't wait to see them either, if I see photos I will let you know.

  7. Beautiful rainbow squares Jane! Love Prince's hand modelling - a fine paw he has too. He's such a superstar LOL