Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Competition square Update

First of all I would like to thank everyone for their kind words and thoughts for my interview today. It was with the National and Regional managers and went for over an hour Whew! It wasn't that bad really. 
Hopefully it will make me more relaxed at any future interviews. .
I have received more Competition squares, so some show and tell is in order,

This lovely square is from Lisa from
Victoria and she has chosen the name 
"Joyful Pickings" I love the lemony 
cream colour she has used and 
the lovely dusky pink, she has done
a wonderful job
Thanks Lisa

Next we have a group of crafters that have made squares as a group project, 
it sounds like a fun thing to do.
Ames from Le Tigre Papillon started a group called Plain Tiger Butterflies
meeting in The Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne, you can read more about it here

So these squares on the left is Kathy's and she has named her square "Blueberry", her square looks yummy too.

On the right is Amy's, she has named hers "Feather Joyce"  Amy said she had 
grandma called Heather Joyce, 
so it's nice that we can both honour our Grandmas together.

These two are made by Liz, 
she has named her squares "Bluebell" 
and "Round and round the garden"
they are so cute, like little twins. 
They remind me of the twinsets that
my grandmother used to knit for me.
I love the cute labels you have all
pinned to your squares, not only cute,
but helps me remember which is which

Last but by no means least, are these 2 squares from Wendy, she has named them "Cherry Blossom" and "Violeta", which I think suits them to a T. She did such a good job at weaving those ends in, I thought she had used special wool to achieve the great shading. I'm not sure if she realised, but
my grandmothers sister is called Violet, (Aunty Vi to me) 

I must say that I love how you have all added your own personality and I love your name  choices. I notice that you are all from Victoria, so hopefully we get some response from other states or countries. The pattern is here if you are interested. Thank you all for participating.

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  1. What gorgeous Squares! I'm so pleased you are showing us them.
    Love the music on your blog too!
    I hope you are well,
    Hugs Suex