Saturday, January 22, 2011

SATurday week 3

 Firstly I'd like to say welcome to the new followers. 
I thought I had this weeks show and tell sorted, until I went to take the photos and the camera battery was flat, then I realised I hadn't done the embroidery.  

So here are the 7 squares for this week, 
they are all from my
 stained glass butterfly pattern. 
I also managed to finish a UFO as well,
but that is another secret project.
I was excited to received my first
Competition Square from Lisa,
it is so lovely, I have some more on 
their way and I will post them together.
I have also been working on some
tea cosies this week using firework wool.

I'm not sure how I will go with my 
show and tell next week as  I have a job interview this week and I need  to go and get some new clothes for it. 
It's my first in 5 years so I'm  a bit nervous.
It should be a good week, 
if not interesting,
I'm looking forward to it. 
I hope you have a good week too.


  1. Good luck with the job interview Jane.

  2. Good luck! The squares look lovely too :)

  3. Aww, good luck with the interview my dear, love your butterfly squares, which reminds me i must complete one of those comp squares ~~~ take care my Lovely Amanda xx