Wednesday, September 1, 2010

last piece of the puzzle

I found the last square the hardest, there were so many squares calling to me "pick me, pick me" I fell in love with the 2nd last square i made. (shown at right)
If i had made this square first, i think i would have made the whole blanket using this square, just adjusting the colours.

  So on to my last square, i finally decided to make another square similar to this one and started on my way, it was late at night after a very busy day at work, i had 2 different patterns on the computer screen the African Flower Hexagon Square, pattern from pertinitaco and the six petal hexagon version from  Heidi Bears. When it came to making the hexagon into a square, i realised that i had used the 6 petal African Flower Hexagon pattern! Not to worry, i made it into a triangle, then set to make a square to sew it on to. I'm not unhappy with it, now to sew them together and add borders.


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging, followed the link from SIBOL to here. Love the colours in your African flower

  2. This blanket is so pleasing to look at. What would your next project be?
    Hugs Suex