Friday, September 10, 2010

The Great Aunty Violet Blanket

Well it's been a short while, but as soon as i found out that my great Aunty Vi (Violet) was requiring admission to a Nursing home i started planning and crocheting a blanket for her.
So that kept me busy for a while, rather than spending my time on the internet. :-)

then my camera was on the blink, however my mobile takes quite good pics. 
(Also i don't have to worry about the size being too big to upload.)

So, firstly some closeup pictures of some of the squares i made,
 (i designed it as i went along).
these 3 are from 101 crocheted squares by Jean Leinhauser

Next i laid the squares out and sewed them into rows, 
then i decided to review how the rows would go
so picture of the first intended layout, notice row 2 and 5 have 3 of the same blocks across

Now for the last and final layout, with borders added

close up of one of the sections

and a close up of a corner section

Well it came time to deliver the blanket, but lo and behold the Nursing Home had a
Gastro outbreak & was in lockdown. so i had to hand over the blanket to the Nurse. 
Never mind, i'm sure she will receive comfort from it.
So here are some pictures similar to the view from the picture window in her shared bedroom.


  1. what a pretty blanket, Jane! I've never seen crochet as nice as that. I'm sure your aunt will love it

  2. OOh I'm so pleased I popped over to see this post. I apologise for not popping more often. I have been so busy this last week. Husband has been at home so my routine has gone haywire! But of course we did have a wicked day out on Thursday.
    I'm so glad you popped over to read about the day and I really appreciate your wonderful comments and for taking an interest.
    Love to you and thanks Suex

  3. Such a pretty blanket to give comfort and warmth

  4. Just started following your blog. This crocheted blanket is absolutely beautiful! I am sure your aunt will love it.