Monday, August 30, 2010

what a coincidence

i was chatting to Sue at SIBOL about crochet butterflies and she sent me pictures of her butterflies, including this one. I had to giggle, because i was halfway through making a blanket for my Great Aunty Violet who has just been admitted to a Nursing Home. The colours were uncannily similar (as shown in picture on left). Now i wouldn't normally use vibrant green and purple together, but making it for a Violet was the inspiration behind it. 
   More Pictures of the Great Aunty Violet blanket to follow!


  1. Hello!
    Its such a pleasure to visit you!
    OOh this is so lovely. You know these colours really go together so well don't they? My Mothers favourite colours. Her Garden is green (grass) and she has all purple flowers in it. Her house is yes you've guessed it purple and green you can see from the tree decorations. When my twin daughters were little. Mom had a green ring on the one hand so Little Miss Twin (1) always held that hand, and Purple on the other so Little Miss Twin (2) held that hand. These colours have stuck with the girls. So these two colours are really special in our family.
    This is such a gorgeous piece of work I'm sure it will be gratefully received by your Aunty.
    I'm sure you'll be getting some new Followers through SIBOL. Everyone seems to check out our new friends.
    You're doing really well with your new Blog Congratulations!
    Have a good day,

  2. Sue that's such a lovely story to pass on to the generations to come