Sunday, September 19, 2010

Don't you hate it when.....

I was making a square and came down to the last row, last side, on the home run AND
I ran out of wool AARRGGHH
Only 13 trebles to go, would you believe!

I was wondering what to do , use another similar colour
I think i purchased the original ball from K-mart a year or 2 ago?
Then i remembered i had used some for a mini stocking

So i sacrificed the stocking and finished the block
Hope you like


  1. Well now I have some of your butterfly squares here, I know how pretty they are!
    Simply gorgeous.
    Your squares have arrived and I am so grateful to you,
    They are all so lovely,
    thanks so much Jane,
    Love to you Suex

  2. I love this butterfly square. Where is the pattern from? I like to try this one myself too.