Saturday, August 28, 2010

Thank You Mrs Twins

I was encouraged by Mrs Twins at SIBOL to start my own blog. i discovered her blog about a week ago and i love looking at it and I think what she is doing is wonderful, she is so prolific. I knit, but mainly crochet now, I often become inspired with projects and ideas and I give my finished projects away. I work in aged care and i see first-hand how the Residents become attached to their blankets and it is a talking point for staff and visitors. It's great to see their face when someone comments "what a lovely rug".


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! I checked out SIBOL - the sunshine blankets are gorgeous!

    It's true, as you get older you really cherish those simple things. A nice cup of tea, a fresh autumn breeze or a colourful and cosy rug made with love.

    I look forward to seeing and hearing about your projects :)

  2. Thanks Lisa, i am in the middle of another project, making creative decisions as i go :-)
    so watch this space

  3. Hello Jane,
    I'm so pleased you managed it!
    Welcome to Blogland!
    I'm so pleased you think the Blankets are a good idea. Its nice to get positive feedback from people who actually work with the Elderly.
    I wish you every success in your new venture!
    You'll meet such wonderful friends now,
    Hugs Suex