Wednesday, November 16, 2016

more dancing baby crochet

We have been travelling through the red centre and while I had little or no phone coverage
I made a cute little crochet jacket in ice yarn dancing baby #24560
Blue camel and white shades using baby boy cardi pattern,
it has star stitch which I haven't done before

With the remaining last ball, I decided to make another miniGalaxy by Frank O'Randle by adding matching scraps from my stash.
I think I spent more time working out the colours than it took to make!
EDIT: 9/10/17 I won first prize
I used scraps of:
White for rounds 1-4, 27 & 28, 34 & 35
Beige for rounds 5 to 7, 36 to 38
Brown for round 8 & 39
Light blue for rounds 9 to 12 & 29
Med blue for rounds 13 to 15, 30 to 32
Dark blue for rounds 16 & 17 & 33
& 1 ball of Dancing baby for rounds 18 to 26

In my last Post I posted 2 mini galaxy of change blankets, I really enjoy making this pattern
 and I have already started another rainbow blanket with red in the centre this time.


  1. Interesting looking yarn. Jackets and mini galaxy are very pretty. Are you still travelling?

  2. Yes Dorothy, it's been 6 months now, we left Sydney up to Cairns across Atherton to Karumba then down to Tennant creek, Alice Springs and Uluru, Coober Pedy, Clare Valley and now in South Australia @ Murray Bridge

    1. What an amazing experience. We used to live in Adelaide way back in the 80s - always enjoyed browsing around Hahndorf - go there if you get the opportunity. Have you found any good yarn shops on your travels?

    2. Yes Hahndorf is great to browse around, there is a great winery there where you can have chocolate tasting with matching wine yummo. Haven't seen many yarn shops, we arrived in Clare on a Sunday and their yarn shop was closed