Sunday, July 14, 2013

Block of the Month - July

This month is the well known African Flower hexagon that has been altered to a square.
 There are plenty of images on the internet, here is the graphic African Flower Square
4mm Hook 8ply wool in yellow, favourite colour, green and cream
 UK/AUS terms

Round 1
using yellow, ch3 and join, ch3, 1tr, (ch1, 2tr) x 7, ch1, join to top of ch3

Round 2
using favourite colour join to ch1 space,( ch3, 1tr, ch1, 2tr)
*(2tr, ch1, 2tr)  in next ch1 space
repeat from *6 times, join to top of  beg ch3, slip stitch to next ch1 space

Round 3
ch3, 6tr in ch sp, 7 tr in each ch1 space 7 times, join to top of beg ch3

Round 4
Using green, dc into each tr, long tr into the round below between the shell groups
Repeat to end

Round 5
Using Cream join to middle (4th) dc, ch 3, *tr  into next 7 stitches, (tr ch1 tr) into next stitch
Repeat from* finish with tr, ch1 and join for last section

Round 6
Using green
join to ch space, *dc in ch space and each tr to next ch space. (11dc)
(3dt, ch3, 3dtr) into 5th tr repeat from * join

Round 7
Using favourite colour, tr in each stitch, (2tr, ch2, 2tr) in each corner

Repeat Round 7 for Round 8 & 9

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