Sunday, June 16, 2013

Block of the Month-June

Knit 4 Charity Block of the Month for June
This pattern is a favourite of mine you can find a tutorial here, I have a slightly different variation
Materials Required:- 4mm hook, 8 ply wool in yellow, green and your favourite colour
AUS/UK Terms used
Round 1-
ch 3 and join, ch3, 15tr into circle, join in top of beg ch3
Round 2-
ch4, *(tr, ch1 in each space) Rpt from * to end, join to 3rd chain in beg chain 4 break yarn
Round 3-
join favourite colour to ch1 space and *ch3, 2 tr in same space
3tr down the post of the treble from the previous round, turn & 3 tr up the post of tr from prev round
Repeat from *to end,  (NOTE- ch3 will be a tr) join into beg ch3 and break yarn
Round 4-
Using green join to ch1 space and ch3, 2tr, ch1
*3tr, ch2, 3 tr (cnr) in next ch1 sp, ch1
3tr, ch1 Repeat from *  2 times. 3tr, ch2, 3 tr (cnr) in next ch1 sp, ch1
join to beg 3 ch and break yarn
Round 5-
Using favourite colour, join in corner space, ch3, 2tr, ch2, 3tr (cnr)
3tr in each ch1 space and 3tr, ch2, 3tr in each corner to end
join in beg ch3 space, leave a tail for sewing, Make 4 and join together for final square.

One colour

two colours, I have also made this with 4 different colours

Border of flowers

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