Sunday, September 9, 2012

16 Days of Summer Final Stages

 This week I made sample squares
so I could make a decision for
the blanket border.
As you can see the background
colour makes a big difference.
I didn't like the cream square
so much that I undid it before
I had finished. These squares
will go into a blanket that has
started to emerge from the
squares that have been
rejected from this one.
After sewing all the squares
together, I made a decision
on the border, it was helped
by the fact I that I managed
to find another ball of the
plum wool.
So here is a progress photo.
It hasn't been blocked & will
look much better after it's done.
I have another few rows to go
then I'll think about whether
 I will add a scallop edging.
I'm resting after having a
on Friday. Feeling tired &
lethargic after the anaesthetic.
I'm hoping to be running on all
4 cylinders next week

1 comment:

  1. Those squares are so pretty; I love the colours you've used too. Hmmm you have my sympathy regarding those particular procedures...'they' starve you, dehydrate you and then you're left feeling completely drained. Take care and be kind to yourself until you are running on all cylinders :-)