Sunday, May 6, 2012

Scrappy Steps

I'm having a bit of cabin fever, so today I
was glad to get out of the house, DH and
I went to Eastern Creek for the cycling.
We left at 5-30AM & it was a cold 5 deg C,
it felt a good 10 degrees colder there than at home.
I was glad I took a crochet project to keep
my fingers & knees warm. There are a few rows
that are wonky as I attempted to do a few rows
after my surgery and I didn't take too much notice.
I was thinking it was an easy project to just pick up
as I wouldn't need to concentrate too much and
I forgot that the stitches are done in the
top of the stitch and not in between.
This will be for the local nursing home and
I hope to have it finished before I return to work.
The pattern is called Scrappy Steps and the pattern is here
 I got the inspiration from Dawns blog and yes there are
 a lot of ends to sew in. I don't like sewing in ends
( I have an allergy to cobalt & nickel) but i really wanted to
make the pattern. I didn't sew in the black threads though,
I just crocheted them in as I went. It's a great pattern for
showing off my variegated yarn that I LOVE!!
It's also good project for leftover scraps or "magic balls"
I hope you like the sneak peak photos,
I'll show you the end product before it is gifted. :-)

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  1. Looks great Jane. Reminds me of the coat of many colours. Looks as if its a corner to corner in the first pic but after seeing the second, I'm now wondering?? Looking forward to seeing the FO. xoxox