Sunday, July 3, 2011

Show and tell week 26

This weeks Show and Tell is more
Stained glass butterfly squares.
I hope you aren't sick of seeing them
as I'm not sick of making them!
I'm late this week as I was having
a lovely day swanning around with
crafty friends. Denise, Di and myself
went to the Kogarah branch of the
Knitters Guild meeting.
Then I spent the afternoon knitting,
planning the next butterfly blanket,
I even squeezed in a visit to Lincraft
for their sale. This week is #26,
so it's halfway through the year.
I've been thinking whether to continue
with the (Show & Tell) square a day.
I think after 6 months I have proven to myself that I can do it. I have a jumper for hubby
that he is keen (so am I) to see off the needles on on his back.
A friend is having  new baby that I would love to knit for too.
I'm wondering if I can achieve the knitting goals as well as crocheting a square a day.
Although I think the knitting Show and tell would show lots of slow progress as I'm not a fast knitter.
Watching a mans jumper growing by inches could be like watching paint dry?


  1. LOL Jane .... love the bit about paint drying. That's about like what my knitting is too !! Hope you had fun at the Lincraft sale. I didn't know they were having one or I probably would have ended up with more stash which I don't really need. Have a great week.

  2. Lovely squares! Good luck with the jumper for your husband! I haven't knitted an adult garment for years and now it seems such a long drawn-out process!! lol

  3. Dorothy the lincraft sale was 30% off, except for wool, so you MIGHT have been safe. Thanks Maria, I made one for him before we were married and we have been married for 24 years now so that's not too bad. I have the tour de france to contend with so I'm trying to see as much as I can. It starts at 10pm and goes to 2am, so I haven't managed to stay awake that long. Last night was the 2nd stage and I was determined to finish the back, as soon as I put it down I was snoozing.

  4. Thanks so much for popping over! your comments are very much appreciated. I've been so busy lately the squares are flying in as you can imagine.
    Keeps me busy!
    Hope everything is okay your end, I love your butterfly squares and its amazing how different they look with each colour used, don't you think?
    Hugs and love Suex