Monday, April 25, 2011

Competition squares

I thought I would post a 
reminder of the squares I have received for the competition.
from left to right and 
top to bottom, we have:
1)Blueberry, Cherry Blossom,
2)Round and round the garden, 
Bluebell, Feather Joyce
3)The flower garden square, 
Floral fantasy, 
Grandmas garden flowers
4)Re-Joyce-ing square, 
Joyful pickings,
Grandmas garden window

There are also the squares Sue
from SIBOL in the  UK received,
here they are, they are called
Marvin and Sleeping violet.
I'm looking forward to making
a blanket with them.

What name would you have 
chosen if you had entered??

Let me know which name 
would you pick to win??


  1. The squares look beautiful. I can't choose just one that I like. I have two favourites. Cherry blossom in the top row & Floral fantasy in the third row.

  2. I have 2 favourites also, Blueberry and Marvin.. Its a tough one though, they are all lovely :))

  3. All the squares are beautiful. If you're choosing a name (not based on the actual squares or their colours) I like the name Re-Joyce_ing Square or Grandma's Garden Window.

  4. They are all lovely and will make a very pretty blanket. Best wishes and blessings, Tammy

  5. Yes Dorothy I will be choosing a name on it's own merits, now picking a favourite square is another story! Thanks for all your comments, love to hear what you all think