Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Competition Squares Close up

Only a few days left until a winner is announced so I thought I would give  you a
close-up view of the Competition squares. In no particular order.......
I couldn't if I tried anyway, it was hard enough to get this together.
Feather Joyce

Grandmas garden flower
Grandmas garden window


Floral fantasy

Joyful pickings


Round and round the garden

Cherry Blossom
The flower garden square

Re-Joyce-ing square

The "hedge" I used to take the photos

a close-up of the foliage. Lovely green leaves,
then burgundy leaves,  then spidery pink flowers

not to forget Marvin and Sleeping violet


  1. I really like the Re-Joyce-ing square and would love to know what the yarn is. All the squares are lovely though, but I guess there can only be one winner. Will be interested in the judges decision.

  2. Dorothy I'm pretty sure that is carnival wool from Big W