Friday, December 3, 2010


I tried but couldn't come up with a catchy title because there is no fun behind it. i was told on Tuesday that i was formally redundant effective immediately, so when i left the building i had no reason to return, what a joke, i've been there about half  a dozen times since. So my first day of summer was my first day of redundancy and was met with rain.
what i've learnt:
1) i've learnt that what i already knew, i took it for granted
I knew that when i was searching for something that if i stopped and meditated, i would find the answer
i'm talking even a car parking spot; losing keys etc
 with all the stress i am losing something every 5 minutes, however i know that when i am finding these same items that i know that there is a reason behind it, i am blown away with the reasoning behind where i'm finding these items
2) accepting the love
i remember about 15 years ago, while at a weight watchers meeting the tutor said how hard it was to accept a compliment. I'm not a very huggy person, but there are 70 staff and 60 residents where i worked and they were upset and wanted to reassure me. so there were many who wanted to hug me and there were many who gave me praise and i felt that i needed to validate what they were saying and feeling. by doing so it helped me so much
3) the gift of giving
i have always been a giver, i have received criticism for it, i have made many items and given them away. i have made items with no recipient in mind and at the last minute there has been someone dealing with  extreme circumstances and i have found the new owner. this last week i have found that the need to give was high and when i did it helped with the pain i was going through
4) Good things can come from bad
i remember when my kids were young i would tell them "you get back what you give out" I would explain that if you are rude, you can probably expect a rude response etc. When they complained about punishment,  I would say "when you are good, good things happen" There have been so many signs, about 6 people have quoted "when one door closes another opens" some people might have reacted negatively, but i have embraced it. This could be the start of a new beginning, the universe giving me a kick up the backside to get out and start living an authentic life.
There is more, but i will post later.
 tomorrow i catch a train and about 6 hours later i will see my mum. i have planned a visit with my Aunt and my sister, i will be away until after Christmas, but i will have computer access at times


  1. Really sorry to read this news but glad that you can reflect. I hope that time with your family will help and I wish you all the best for the future. Ames xo

  2. thanks Ames, I'm hoping to recharge my batteries

  3. Have a good holiday. Big hugs xxx

  4. Yes, you have voiced your situation and that is the number one way I start to work things out. Things will work out step by step and your family will embrace you. Take care.

  5. Many blessings to you as you embrace the changes in your life.... you will emerge with even more bright and beautiful wings XXXXX

  6. wow Alice, i love that visualisation, thanks for the well wishes and support Clara and dorothy

  7. I'm just stopping by and I'm so sorry for you. You know my Husband was made redundant three times on the trot. But you know in the end it made our lives better. Things happened for a reason, I'm sure it will sort out for you.
    Have a great time,
    thinking of you Suex

  8. Thanks Sue, I truly believe things happen for a reason :-)