Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I found the Crochet with Raymond blog and at first I thought it was a man called Raymond who crochets. It is actually Alice in NZ and her cute cat called Raymond. I felt an affinity with her as I   also have a "2 toned cat" (black and white)  I like rainbows, mandalas,  crochet, variegated wool, african flower pattern, tea cozies and I am shy. When i read her post "10 things", I really admired her courage. I know it can take courage to be our authentic self. My mother always told me to have the courage of your convictions. So i have sent a little present over the ocean. I'm not sure how long it will take,  i won't post a photo until she gets it, so it will be a surprise.
i have some photos of  my rainbow blankets, but i am away and can't post them, but i will later.

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